Patients’ associations

ABC’s of Melanoma
website of Melanoma: prevention, diagnosis, treatment

Acne Support Group (ASG)
support website of acne. With questions and answers
Acta Dermato-Venereologica
official website of ADIPSO www.adipso.org
AIEA – Associazione Italiana Eczema Atopico
AILS – Associazione Italiana Lotta alla Sclerodermia
This association aims to make this illness and all its issues better known, to raise public awareness, to raise funds for the research, to achieve a more closely contact with the institutions and to provide health and social care.
AIUC – Associazione Italiana Ulcere Cutanee
L’Associazione Italiana Ulcere Cutanee intends to be a place of meeting and of national reference for all the people that daily undertale and face the difficult problems related to skin ulcers

ANDE – Associazione Nazionale Displasia Ectodermica

ANEB – Associazione Nazionale per l’Epidermolisi Bollosa

ANMAA –Associazione Nazionale Mediterranea Alopecia Areata

ARIV – Associazione Ricerca e Informazione per la Vitiligine
Associazione Onlus was set up by patients who suffer from vitiligo for other patients, for their relatives and for others, dermatologists, scientistics, researchers who are concernes with the problems of this illness.
ASNPV – Associazione Nazionale per la tutela del malato di Psoriasi e Vitiligine