Why it is important

The integumentary system , better known as skin, is our biggest organ and it covers practically our entire body. In a physiological level, health of the skin has a vital importance to prevent and protect from pathogenic agents: it is our first protection. The fact that it is beautiful and silky is essential as a card of presentation, that we give to other people, especially in the sexual area: the oppoisite sex instinctively recognizes a good match thanks to the colour, the smell and a good skin health. The human being is always an animal, in some aspects more advanced, with a good ability of expressing thoughts but he continues to belong to the animal’s world: as an animal the smell of his skin and his aspect create in other people a series of limbic reactions, that make them relating to other people in completely different ways, on he basis of perceived sensations. An ignored, wrinkled, yellowish, dead and dry skin, together with an acid and unpleasant smell, make us think about a depressed and sick person: in this case the relation freezed before starting to talk,making the social and work approach hard and much more complicated.

Have you ever heard about nice-to-skin?

Well…this expression refers to a person that have a young, smooth skin and also a good smell. Thanks to all these characteristics this person will start in a better way a new work and also a new relationship with the opposite sex. The chemistry of the skin is very important and it is the basis of every kind of society : our biggest instinct is the conservation of the species.
Thanks to this marvellous instinct, animals choose both the animal for the coupling and the hierarchy of their own herd: only through this process of natural selection the species of any tipology manage to survive and progress. The man conserves all these instincts and who has an health skin with an equilibrate chemistry has more chances to result from the beginning nice and reliable, and to play more important roles in the work. When we look in the mirror with an health skin and a better look, what we see influence a lot our self-esteem, making it bigger and changing our character, making us more friendly and nice. When we have any kind of problem, it is clearly shown at skin level by our immune system: colours, spots communicating at an unconscious level to people, that are looking at us, our status.