Acnaid™ Gel CE

ACNAID GEL 2015Acnaid™ Gel  is a unique formulation of Hydrogen  Peroxide, Salycilic Acid and D-Panthenol. The combination of Hydrogen  Peroxide and, Salycilic Acid improves the appearance of the skin prone to acne.

It reduces a large amount of microorganisms such as bacteria, that damage skin and that are the first responsibles for  acne’s  blemishes, above all on the face.

The use of  Acnaid™ Gel reduces size and number of existing spots and prevent the appearance of new ones.

Furthermore  Acnaid™ Gel reduces  erythema and redness that may appear on acneic skin.

The use of D-Panthenol in its formulation provides substantial moisturizing benefits and leaves the skin soft and hydrate without greasing.

Please consult your dermatologist for an appropriate diagnosis.






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