Acnaid™ Liquid Soap CE

Acnaid™ Liquid Soap CE

ACNAID™ Liquid soap is a medical device that cleans and soothes the skin in patients with acneic symptoms.
ACNAID™ Liquid soap contributes to the removal of excess sebum and microorganisms that irritate acneic skin.

Its unique formula is rich in water lily extract, piroctone olamine and glycerine. The combination of these components in ACNAID™ Liquid soap removes excess sebum of acneic skin that blocks skin pores and create undesired acneic symptoms. In addition, it assists in removal of the microorganisms that may irritate acneic skin.

Moreover, it moisturises and soothes irritated skin areas, leaving a pleasant feeling.

Instructions of use
Apply 1-2 servings to affected skin areas, making a light massage. Leave it for 2-5 minutes and then rinse off. If it comes in contact with the eyes rinse off with fresh water.

It is safe for frequent use.

Please store in a cool and dry place below 28ο C.
For topical external use only. Keep away from children.
In case of ingestion please contact the nearest poison center.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your pharmacist or doctor.

Also available ACNAID™ Gel 30 g and ACNAID™ Cleanser 200 ml.



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