Hairgen™ Softgel caps

HAIRGEN™ SOFTGEL CAPS is a food supplement for the maintenance of healthy hair and skin.

Composition: HAIRGEN™ Softgel capsules contains the following active substances:

  • Biotin is associated with the production of keratin, and it contributes to maintenance of normal hair and skin on scalp.
  • Saw Palmetto NLT 85% FFA (Serenoa Repens) is associated with the hair health
  • Vitamin E protects proteins and lipids from oxidative damage.
  • Hydroxytyrosol is a phenol found in the olive tree. It has a potent antioxidant activity and it has the ability to absorb free radicals that cause cell damage.
  • Vitis Vinifera, Olive leaf extract shows strong antioxidant activity

Description – Packaging: Soft gelatin capsule available in:

  • 1st packaging 2 Blisters of 15 soft gelatin capsules each.
  • 2nd packaging 6 Blisters of 15 soft gelatin capsules each.

HAIRGEN™ Softgel caps should not be used in case of allergy to the active substances or any of the other ingredients of this food supplement.

Warnings and precautions: Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Food (dietary) supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.
This product is not intended for the prevention, treatment or cure of a human disease.
Not to be used below 18 years age.
Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, under medication or have a health problem.
Keep out of reach of children.
Ask your pharmacist if you need more information or advice.

You should always take the food supplement exactly as described in this leaflet or as directed by your doctor or pharmacist.

Recommended daily dose: For adults: 1 soft gelatin capsule per day. Once daily.

Gluten Free – Lactose free

Storage: Store below 25°C, in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and out of reach of children.